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Essential Question: What do our students do when they don't know what to do?

help with bowdrill set

"This is not simply a technological revolution; this is a cultural revolution"- Michael Wesch


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    Additional resources can be found on our"shared folder."

    How to record using Activstudio?

    Uploading a video into SchoolCenter:

    Uploading VIdeo to SchoolCenter.mp4


    See Ms. Spanhake's Order of Operations Lesson. Also, she has recently added a tutorial on making a hypothesis.
    Mr. Tolipano also has some math tutorials posted on his webpage.
    Ms. Amendola's wepage features a "R.A.F.T." tutorial to help students construct a well organized paragraph as well as some video examples of story elements.


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    Today's Activity:

    • Create a "recording" using Activstudio that will help your students access information.
    • Add the video to your webpage.