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LOTE "presence" in Common Core. CCLS ELA Tech Integration.doc
  • The blue highlights represent the 21st century/technology skills connections. The yellow highlights denote additions or edits that were made to the document. Many of the yellow highlight focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills dealing with understanding and communicating with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Very interesting........ It's a long document, but worth looking at. Of note: the introduction, page 5, the section "They come to understand other perspectives and cultures". Also, check out the K-5 Speaking and Listening Standards, p. 33: Seek to understand and communicate with individuals from different cultural backgrounds."

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Using Project Based Learning to Teach World Languages
The Standards for Foreign Language Learning
World Language Project: Creative Masters

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Learn languages in a fun and intuitive way. Babbel uses the personal interest of the user to setup a course of study for them to learn a language. Choose from English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch. A great tool for students studying a new language.

dotSUB is a webtool that allows teachers and students to view, upload, transcribe, and translate any video into and from any language. This is an easy to use site that would be perfect for lots of different things, including ELL/ESL or Foreign Language classes.

Elovivo is a multilingual dictionary and language exchange web tool. The site lets students and teachers look up the definitions to over 200,000 words and translate them into 37 languages, complete with pronunciations of many of them and pictures or video explanations.

Fluency Prof
Fluency Prof is a website for students learning Spanish that offers free listening activities in different formats, such as dialogues, legends, myths, phrases, and celebrations. The audio can be slowed down or sped up to help students hear the pronunciation of the words and phrases as well as a voice recorder so that they can hear themselves pronounce the words as well.

Jollo is a translation tool that allows users to translate phrases in 41 languages. What is unique about this site is that they combine machine and human translators. For example they support several popular tools such as Google Translate, Yahoo Babelfish, Microsoft Translator and several more. However, they allow the user community to rate translations and add their own as necessary. This is a great tool for teachers and students who are practicing writing or speaking in another language and need a bit of help.

Lexxing is a customized social network learning environment where users can sign up to learn about and practice foreign languages. This is a an interesting site and could be helpful for High School and College aged students looking to get practice speaking another language. The site is free and operates on a pay-it-forward mentality, if you get help on the site with homework you should help someone else speaking your language. Has potential and would be a nice social way to connect with other students studying or speaking a different language.

Lingro is a simple to integrate on-line environment that allows anyone learning a language to quickly look up and learn the vocabulary most important to them. It works really nicely and is a valuable tool for students, teachers, and parents too.

Lingt offers web tools for language including the ability to build an assignment incorporating voice, video, images, and text using their easy-to-use online editor. You can direct students to to complete the assignment by the due date, and then review student responses, submit feedback, manage assignments and classes, and even share content. This is a great website for teachers of language.

Lingus TV
Lingus TV is a web-based TV channel devoted to education and the belief that the entertainment and active participation of students is the key to communication in a new language. Teaching Spanish through video clips is the main draw to the site. It is a great idea and does seem to make language easier to pick up. This is a great tool for teachers of Spanish, students learning the language, or anyone else who wants to try.

Mango is a site and program designated to helping people learn other languages. Using real conversations and everyday conversation, the program is easy to follow and very effective. The site also has a language translator function that can switch between 12 different languages.

My Language Exchange
My Language Exchange is a website designed for two or more people who speak different languages practicing each others language. For example, an English speaker who is learning French will do a language exchange with a French speaker who is learning English. There are many ways to practice in a language exchange. The site offers lots of great features, including International Penpals as a way for students to get real life practice with language. A great site and tool for learning or mastering a foreign language.

Poll Everywhere
Poll Everywhere replaces expensive proprietary audience response hardware with standard web technology. It's the easiest way to gather live responses in any venue: conferences, presentations, classrooms, radio, tv, print — anywhere.

Study Spanish
Study Spanish is a website that is dedicated to making it easy to learn how to speak Spanish. It offers 1000's of lessons that are sure to make even advanced students more fluent speakers of the language. Study Spanish also has a focus on grammar, vocabulary, and verb conjugation drills. This robust site offers a lot of free content and is great for students of all ages.

Verbling is a video chat site designed to let users connect with a native speakers of a different language in order to help them learn. This could be a great tool for Foreign Language students of all ages who are able to connect online. Users can currently work on learning/practicing Spanish on the site, but more languages are on their way. The speaker would speak Spanish first for five minutes, followed by English for five minutes. Users can choose their level of difficulty (beginner to advanced) and rate the conversation. A nice and clear interface combined with a simple concept makes for a promising language practice web tool.

Wolty is a web based journal that lets users save and share every new thing that they learn from a language. Wolty aims to get users into the habit of saving the things they discover and the questions they wonder along with this meaningful context. This is a great site with a clean interface which can be a wonderful companion to those students (and teachers) learning or practicing a foreign language.

You Speak It
You Speak It is a site that takes an interesting twist on learning a foreign language. Using videos that range from Presidential speeches to other random news clips, users are able to toggle between 50 different language subtitles and answer questions about the content from the video. This is a great tool for those students learning a foreign language. Combined with some social elements and lesson resources for teachers, this is a site with a lot of potential.

YourDictionary is a free online dictionary and much more. The free dictionary search gives you definitions, thesaurus entries, spelling, pronunciation, and etymology results for your word. Alternatively, you can browse the English dictionary alphabetically or by related terms to find meanings and synonyms. In addition, YourDictionary provides resources to help you find the best dictionary and translation sites for French, Spanish, Italian, German and hundreds of other languages.

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**Castle Learning** has added five units have been added with topics including: Home and Chores; Travel; Jobs, Career and Money; Fun and Leisure; and Shopping, Clothes and Birthdays.
Special features: All units are divided into sections covering vocabulary, grammar, listening, and reading.
  • Vocabulary questions are colorfully illustrated and include audio.
  • Many grammar questions contain "mini-dialogues" for students to complete correctly.
  • Listening questions feature recordings made by native speakers.
  • Authentic reading materials include advertisements, letters, and short biographies.
For a list of grammar content, go to the Documents area from the Teacher or Admin home page in the "Information for Teachers" to see the new Beginning Spanish Grammar Chart.