PBL Intro.ppt
Project Based Learning.pptx presentation from the April 2011 Microsoft Innovative Educator Training
Real World, San Diego: Hands-On Learning at High Tech High
Video: A Teacher's Life at High Tech High
Bloom's Revised Taxonomy
Replicating Project Based Learning
A look a the architecture of: New Tech High
Comparision chart - Traditional Instruction vs PBL.doc

"It really, actually changed my life"
Common Craft explanation of PBL
Edutopia Intro to PBL
Another Edutopia Intro to PBL
PBL explained by students
Project based Learning at High Tech High
Race to Nowhere trailer
Gender Project - Video links to the Project Steps.doc
Buck Institute:
BIE has created free materials - "FreeBIEs" - such as planning forms, student handouts, rubrics, and articles for educators to download and use to design, assess, and manage projects.

PBL Online:
Website: PBL - Online
The Essential Elements of PBL

West Virginia Department of Education:
WVDE Template for Project Based Learning Design
Project Design Rubric
Other PBL Tools including rubrics, learning logs and journals, presentation tools, self and peer assessments, task management and student contracts

PBL Plans by Subject / Grade from West Virginia DOE --- these examples follow their template (linked above)
The Buck Institute website has a "project search" drop down menu on the right hand side of the homepage.
Additional PBL examples can be found here (High School examples are on pages 2 & 3)
World Language Project: Creative Masters

Goal / Assignment: Use the Buck Institute template or West Virginia DOE template to design a project where students go through an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge. The project should help students learn key academic content, practice 21st Century Skills (such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, & creativity), and create high-quality, authentic products & presentations. Be sure to include the 5 design principles and use the Resources located on the PBL Website along with the article you read (7_Essentials_PBL_EdLeaderSept10.pdf).

Interim Assignment:
read: Project_Design_Rubric1.pdf and Traditional Instruction vs PBL.doc
turn in: Project_Overview.doc

Final Project:
  1. Buck Institute template
  2. Grading rubric: PBLGradingRubric.doc