Ten Sites Supporting iPads In Education… A Post Of Resources!external image c.gif by Michael Gorman

Tablets - We're Almost There! by Frank Pileiro

Teaching with an IPad

IPads put tech in schools

Sites for using Ipads in Education by Lisa Nielsen

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps for (Special) Education

Ipads for Learning App List from Australia...

EClicker and EClicker Host: Poll students in real time
Programs and Apps for Room Design - can be done on the promethean in collaborative form

Apps for Organization
Bento Todo Istudiezpro
ihomework: allows students to enter due dates and organize their assignments
DaysUntil- a calendar app that allows students to organize their work in the way that works best for them

Apps for Concept Mapping
Idea Sketch

Apps for Research
Wikipanion WolframAlpha

Apps for Collaboration
Conversation builder- an app that allows students to interact effectively with their peers in social interactions
My Pictures Talk- an app that acts like a slideshow tool to collaborate and communicate to share ideas and work
Apps for Math
Apps for Science
Apps for Social Studies
History: Maps of the World
Apps for ELA Skills

Productivity/Project App Possibilities