Week 1: Course overview and expectations
Introduction to the work of Will Richardson
Gmail and Blogger
For next week please set up a Gmail account and blog using blogger and email me the URL (web address). You will also need to //choose a reading//and write your first blog post. Also, please begin to read and review the Project Based Learning (PBL) page of the wikispace.
Week 2: Introduction to “wikis” wikispaces or pbwiki?
For next week please complete a weekly reading / reflection on the blog related to wikis and/or blogs in education

Week 3: Google Part 1 (Docs, Reader, Scholar, Squared)
For next week please read and reflect on something from Marc Prensky

Week 4: Google Part 2 (Sites, Advanced Searches, custom search engine etc.)
For next week please read Adam Bellow’s Tech Commandments and reflect
on the blog

Week 5: Web 2.0 Tools
For next week please choose your favorite tools from www.edutecher.com and create an annotated list

Week 6: Social Responsibility & Ethical Issues
Developing a Collaborative Presentation
For next week please read and complete the effective search practices handout for discussion next class. Also, complete the group presentation in Google Docs

Week 7: Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
Modifying reading level using Word
Building a 21st Century Classroom
For next week please read Designing New Learning Environments to Support 21st
Century Skills by Bob Pearlman and reflect on the article on your blog

Week 8: P21 Standards & Framework for 21st Century Learning
Lesson Plan Development: Differentiated Reading Assignment
For next week please complete and post your lesson plan on your wikispace

Week 9: A 21st Century Classroom: Guest Presenter(s)
www.planbook.edu / www.questgardern.com
For next week please reflect on the presentation on my blog
(www.cerebrum.blogspot.com). Also, please read PBL article and be prepared to
discuss it next week in class.

Week 10: Project Based Learning / Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy / Formation of Work Groups
For next week pleasebegin to frame your project with your group and divide responsibilities. Also, please read and reflect on my blog about “The Singapore Vision” and how you will incorporate aspects of it into your projects

Week 11: Work Groups to Develop Project Based Learning Projects
For next week please continue to work on your projects

Week 12: Podcasting and Screencasting
No Class next week. Assignment For next class TBD

Week 13: Wikispace Development (Discuss Requirements for Final Project)
11/30 For next week please put the final touches on your wikispaces

Week 14: Project Based Learning Continued
For next week please complete your projects and practice your presentations

Week 15: Project Based Learning Presentations / Wikispace Presentations
Week 16: Project Based Learning Presentations / Wikispace Presentations