What are wikis? Simply explained, wikis are types of websites that allows for users to add, remove or edit the content of a webpage allowing for collaborative authoring. The most well-known wiki is Wikipedia. The power of the wiki is the ability to read, write, collaborate and share with a global audience!

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2) Click "Manage Wiki"
3) Click "Subscription"
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Fall 2012

Kristina https://kcavallo9.wikispaces.com
Jasmine https://lightvsnight.wikispaces.com
Rochelle https://rlegette2013.wikispaces.com
Colleen https://mcentee.wikispaces.com/
Cinthia https://cinthiascavone.wikispaces.com/
Amanda https://mserif124.wikispaces.com/
Odalia https://oskeete.wikispaces.com/
Gina https://livelearnandyearn.wikispaces.com

Summer 2012


Wikispace URL:

Whittney Smith
Melanie Surico
Larissa Estrella
Karen Rizzuto
Kathryn Klock
Christine Berg
Ali Incarnato

**Sample Wikis**

Check out what Mr. Interrante is doing with wikis at Mineola Middle School or what Mrs. Coelho is doing at Mineola High School.
You may also choose to use PBWorks for your wikispace...