You can view Alan's website and blog at "November Learning."
What we are not doing!

As we begin to see technology through the eyes of children, think about the six jobs that Alan November envisions for children:

  1. Job #1 ---- Students Design Tutorials
    • "screencasting" -www.jingproject.comDesign across curriculum
    • can be put on DVDs for those without computers
  2. Job #2 ---- Curriculum Review Team
  3. Job #3 ---- The Daily Researcher
    • This person sits at the computer in the classroom
    • This student answers questions ---- once students know they can find the answers to their own questions, the amount of questions goes up
  4. Job #4 ---- The Scribe Team
    • EditorsThought Questions
    • Step by Step Directions
    • Resources
  5. Job #5 ---- Tool Builders
  6. Job #6 ---- Global Communication Team
    • Communicate with other students around the world
    • Find a school reading the same book --- use google docsStudy climate with students in Iceland.