Assignments and Grading:

1. Field Observation Reflections (25 hours)
--- Journal each of your visitations on the blog that will be shared with you on the second week of class. Please note the bulleted information below in your reflections and also use the additional "look-fors." Pages 44 & 46 of the Participant_Observer_Handbook.pdf must be completed and signed to receive credit.

· Classroom make-up (ratio of general education to special education students)
· Model (inclusion; co-teaching; consultant teaching)
· Classroom Management
· Teaching Methods (whole group, stations, parallel teaching, etc.)

NEW_animated.gifUploading Fieldwork Logs to Moodle.pdf

2. Interview
--- Please interview a special education teacher, special education administrator or related service provider (psychologist, speech therapist, OT, PT, etc.). Focus your interview on "Inclusive Environments:"

  • How does your school provide inclusive opportunities for students?
  • How does your school support teachers (i.e. co-teaching; common planning time, etc)?
  • How are related services provided to students (e.g. pull-out or push-in)?
  • How do you find the time to work with teachers and other support staff?
  • Do you feel the students' days are fragmented due to many related services that they receive? How do you accommodate for that?
  • Do you feel valued, or fulfilled? Why or why not?

3. IEP Analysis Assignment

--- Look at a sample IEP and "dissect" it using the attached form.

4. Culminating Presentation

  • Develop a presentation that demonstrates an understanding of the topics that you feel have had the greatest impact on your future as a teacher (e.g. reaching and teaching students with disabilities in the general education classroom). You must choose at least two topics/themes to present. Your presentation must be multi-modal (oral and visual). You may use any visual media to present (e.g. blog, wiki, you tube, teacher tube, painting, model, power point, artifacts, etc.). Partner / Group work must be approved in advance.

5. Class Reading Assignments and Blog Responses (To be determined throughout the semester)

25%: Class performance, preparedness (including class readings, responses, and blog posts), and attendance
25%: Field Observation / Reflections
15%: Interview
10%: IEP Analysis
25%: Presentation

New York State requires 12.5 hours of instructional time for each credit hour. In this 3 credit course, the required 37.5 hours consists of 27.5 hours of in-class instruction and 10.0 hours of extended instruction Extended instruction refers to “outside of the classroom” learning, the delivery and content of which will be determined by the instructor. In this course, extended instruction will consist of the following: Moodle and smart board training.